TransporterModular, Retractable Casualty Evacuation and Cargo Pod Delivery Aircraft

The Transporter’s patent-pending technology makes use of a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft design. The vehicle design is highly modular for a wide variety of payloads.

Currently, a full-scale prototype has been designed and manufactured in-house and is undergoing rigorous quality checks and comprehensive engine testing.

Transporter Assembly Display 2

Missions and Capabilities:
Cargo Pod Delivery, Independently Retractable Landing Skids

For cargo resupply and casualty evacuation missions, the vehicle can receive and drop off pod cargo to any destination, even if that destination is otherwise inaccessible to ground vehicles.

Not only with the extremely small ground footprint, the Transporter can also land cargo pods via a winch in the most inaccessible terrains. Uneven terrain landing is possible due to the independent raising and lowering of the legs on the Transporter.

The Transporter can alternatively provide efficient casualty evacuation allowing swift retrieval as the fuselage can be lowered to the ground using the powered retractable landing skids.

The landing skids can also be replaced with helicopter wheels or pontoons to offer different mission capabilities.

The Transporter is sized to quickly fit inside a V-22 Osprey and can carry up to 1000 pounds of cargo travelling at faster speeds than traditional helicopters.

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