Pioneers in heavy-lift, vertical takeoff, fly-by-wire aircraft

Pioneers in heavy-lift, vertical takeoff, fly-by-wire aircraft

Advanced Tactics was founded in 2007 with a vision to develop unique solutions to air, land, sea, and space-based problems and challenges. A unique set of patented designs drives the company’s progress towards providing next-generation vehicle systems that act as a force multiplier for the US military.




The Advanced Tactics Black Knight Transformer Successfully Completes First Flights

EL SEGUNDO, California

Advanced Tactics Inc. announced that it has successfully completed the first flight test of the Black Knight Transformer, a modular and roadable vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Advanced Tactics is at the forefront of large scale multi-copter design, production, and testing and the successful flights of the Black Knight Transformer open the door to a number of future aircraft designs that leverage Advanced Tactics patented and patent-pending technologies.

California Defense Contractor Advanced Tactics Inc to be making a Light Sport Helicopter

light sport helicopterOn August 14th, in anticipation of the new FAA Light Sport Helicopter regulations that are now under review, Advanced Tactics Inc (AT) signed an exclusive agreement with the Rotor X Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Rotor X) to design, modify and produce a new improved fly-by-wire version of the Rotor X 2-seat A600 Turbo kit helicopter.

The new 2-seat Light Sport helicopter to be produced by AT will be called the ATRX-700. It will satisfy the proposed new FAA Light Sport Helicopter requirements for a recreational helicopter with simplified joy-stick controls. The ATRX-700 will be using fly-by-wire technology developed by AT for their large U.S. Air Force (AFWERX) VTOL pilot-optional aircraft contract.



High-Speed, Long-Endurance VTOL Aircraft.

Black Knight Transformer

Modular, Roadable Casualty Evacuation and Cargo Resupply Aircraft

AFRL Transformer

Special Ops Transport Aircraft
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