Our Technology

Advanced Tactics’ designs are for the future of unmanned aviation where high-performance, multipurpose, low-cost solutions are essential.

In fulfilling this goal, AT utilizes unique and unconventional approaches to vehicle design that leverage existing components, low-cost methods, and high-tech tools. AT uses open-architecture designs in hardware and software to allow rapid integration of a variety of flight systems and payloads. The AT engineering team designs, builds, and tests prototypes at a rapid rate that allows for fast, agile development and significant experimental testing.

AT TRANSFORMER Technology: Modular, Heavy Lift, Small Footprint VTOL Systems

Advanced Tactics’ TRANSFORMER technology is the basis for a family of vehicles that transform between a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and a cargo truck, allowing new mission profiles and capabilities. The TRANSFORMER technology is not limited to these two modes of operation – it is designed as a modular “payload truck” that can carry a ground drive system, a cargo container, a boat hull, or a passenger compartment.

The vehicles’ distributed propulsion design is not a new one – it dates back to the earliest helicopter designs. Recent technology has enabled simple and reliable control of such aircraft which have become prevalent in small UAVs such as quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters. Distributed vertical lift aircraft, i.e. multicopters, are simpler, more reliable, lower cost, and more controllable than conventional helicopters. AT’s vehicles use off-the-shelf aircraft engines and propellers without the complexity and cost of helicopter rotor systems. Additionally, they have configuration advantages in that they are compact for their payload capacity compared to conventional rotorcraft. Advanced Tactics’ patented technology allows this design to be used on a much larger scale while retaining these advantages.



Next-Generation High-Speed Vertical Lift

An adaptation of Advanced Tactics’ distributed vertical lift propulsion technology promises to provide a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that is simpler and more reliable, yet faster and more efficient than the current state-of-the-art. This technology can be applied to long-endurance UAVs, high-speed cargo and personnel transports, shipboard ISR and strike missions, and many other missions. The technology is a revolution advancement to existing high-speed VTOL aircraft and leverages many existing and well-proven components and subsystems.

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