Transformer UGAV – Now Available for Orders

Transformer UGAVModular Electric VTOL Air/Ground Mobile Robot

Advanced Tactics has developed the Transformer UGAV (unmanned ground/air vehicle) (patented & patent pending), a small vehicle that incorporates the capabilities and technology of Advanced Tactics’ larger vehicles, like the Black Knight Transformer, into a small, low-cost platform. The Transformer UGAV is a modular combination of an off-road ground robot with a hexacopter flight platform. This enables operational profiles that haven’t previously been possible. For example:

  • Explore the top of a plateau that can only be reached by helicopter
  • Fly into a sink-hole or volcano and investigate the bottom
  • Collect soil or biological samples from an inaccessible area
  • Traverse extreme terrain and “jump” over canyons, cliffs, and obstructions
  • Haul water, medical supplies, and other payloads to disaster areas in need
  • Search and rescue in a variety of terrain
  • Perform Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) and Chemical Biological and Radiological (CBR) detection missions
  • Deliver small payloads with the world’s first modular, VTOL cargo UGAV
  • All with live HD video and semi-autonomous control

The Transformer UGAV has a number of unique design elements that allow it to be configured for different use cases. Not only are the payload sections modular, the vehicle is modular and can be configured with ground driving, flying only, or both.

  • Modular, detachable ground drive-train with double-wishbone suspension and shocks for smooth driving over rough terrain. The drive-train can be removed to allow heavier payloads and/or increased flight times.
  • Center and nose payload bays with space for a wide variety of sensors and payloads, even cargo.
  • Quick-swap battery packs that can be changed quickly for extended operating time. Alternatively, the batteries can be charged without being removed from the vehicle.
  • Narrow width to allow it to drive through doorways and hallways to investigate buildings.

We are offering the Transformer UGAV as a platform for a wide variety of applications. The software and electronics are modular, easing the integration new sensors and electronics and allowing rapid modifications of the vehicle for any mission need. The vehicle comes with the following electronics standard:

  • Autopilot & Autonomous Flight Control System with integrated ground driving and boat modes. Autonomous ground driving may be integrated in the future.
  • Data Link that incorporates an Ethernet bridge for video and payload data with a serial gateway for command and control data. It has a range of up to 10 miles and speeds up to 54 mbps.
  • Camera with Gimbal for live feed digital video through the data link.
  • Ground Control Connection Box that plugs in to an Ethernet port to provide connectivity with the vehicle’s data link.
  • Optional Toughbook Ground Control Station that can stand up to rugged use and extreme conditions.
  • Optional SATCOM Data Link for backup communications and beyond-line-of-sight communication.

The Transformer UGAV is provided ready-to-fly with basic mission package (camera and gimbal). Packages can be customized for different needs. An modular architecture allows unique payloads and equipment to be added to the vehicle easily.

Also available is a larger version that can carry over 50 lb cargo payloads. Please contact sales for more information on this vehicle.

Transformer UGAV Specifications
Length 4.0 ft 1.2 m
Width 4.0 ft 1.2 m
Height 1.2 ft 0.4 m
Max Payload 10 lb 4.5 kg
Max Payload (flying only) 22.5 lb 10.2 kg
Empty Weight (no batteries) 35 lb 15.9 kg
Empty Weight (with batteries) 45 lb 20.4 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 55 lb 24.9 kg
Flight Endurance Up to 25 minutes
Driving Endurance Up to 10 hours
Surveillance Endurance Up to 7 days
Max Flight Speed 45 mph 72 km/h
Ground Driving Speed Up to 30 mph 48 km/h
Service Ceiling 20,000 ft 6,100 m