Autonomous AT Panther Air/Ground Robot – On Sale


Get the redesigned and autonomous flight AT Panther Air/Ground Robot ready to carry your payload while travelling in the air or on the ground. Sensors are easily adapted to the autonomous flight system.

Early Bird Sale ends Friday, December 23rd.
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AT PantherAutonomous Commercial Delivery sUAS

Advanced Tactics Inc. has created the world’s most mobile surveillance and delivery robot; The Autonomous AT Panther Air/Ground Robot, which can fly like a helicopter and drive like an SUV.

The Autonomous AT Panther Air/Ground Robot can carry 10 pounds of payload. Robotic arms, heavy cameras, and sensors can also be installed on the robot. The robot is considered a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) under current FAA regulations.

With an easily programmable flight control system, autonomous flight plans can be quickly loaded and flown.

Use in building inspections – able to drive to inspect foundations and fly to inspect rooftops and damage to walls.

Capable of carrying up to 10 pounds of payload, the Panther can operate autonomously in day/night and inclement weather conditions. An easy-to-use interface ensures simple operation, with smooth transition between flying and driving mode. An amphibious vehicle is also available.

Simply put, the AT Panther drives like a car and flies like a helicopter and can carry a lot of stuff.

Possible applications:

  • Deliver small payloads by air or by land.
  • Building inspections – able to drive to inspect foundations and fly to inspect rooftops and walls.
  • Pipeline assessment and surveillance – able to drive or fly for long distances alongside a pipeline.
  • Bridge/culvert inspections – able to fly into inaccessible areas, and then drive into culverts.
  • Robotic sentry.
  • Wildlife observation – without disturbing wildlife and sensitive ecological areas..
  • Environmental assessments and geological surveys.
  • Explore the top of a plateau that can only be reached by helicopter.
  • Fly into a sink-hole or volcano and investigate the bottom.
  • Collect soil or biological samples from an inaccessible area.
  • Traverse extreme terrain and “jump” over canyons, cliffs, and obstructions.
  • Haul water, medical supplies, and other payloads to disaster areas in need.
  • Search and rescue in a variety of terrain.
  • All with live HD video and autonomous flight capabilities.
Length: 44 inches
Height: 13.5 inches
Max Width (in flight): 43.2 inches (Landing Footprint with propellers turning.)
Max Width (driving): 29 inches (Footprint with propellers stopped and aligned.)
Empty Weight: 44 pounds
Payload: 10 pounds
Potential payloads: robotic arm, EO/IR camera, and many more
Driving: 2 or 4 wheel drive
Ground mobility speed: 5 mph
Ground mobility endurance: 5-60 miles
Maximum flight speed: up to 50 mph
Maximum flight endurance: 3-6 miles
Maximum flight hover time: 5-10 minutes

$9,975 Early Bird Sale Price – for first 200 units sold
Expect delivery in 120 days or have the option for a full refund.
Special pricing options for multiple orders are available. Please call for details.

Specialized Battery Packages Sold Separately
$1,199 for Ground and Flight Battery Package



Advanced Tactics’ platform utilizes a unique distributed lift design that balances efficiency with simplicity of design for the most affordable product on the market today. The vehicle leverages AT’s TRANSFORMER Technology: a multicopter configuration for vertical takeoff and landing flight and a ground drive system for ground mobility. The vehicle can quickly transform between these two modes of operation.

Custom configurations of the AT Panther can be made available upon request.


The Autonomous AT Panther Air/Ground Robot is now ready for production. Significant core research, concept design, prototype development, and testing have been completed to make the Panther available to you. The image to the right shows a scaled prototype flown in recent months.



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